“We Welcome You to Victory Baptist Church”

About us

  • We Are Missionary
  • Our Scriptures are KJV 1611
  • We Teach the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace
  • We are Scriptural and Historic Baptist
  • We are Independent/Unaffiliated
  • We are Pretribulational/Premillenial


Weekly Message


Upcoming Services

 Sunday School :


 Morning Worship :


 Evening Service :



Our Services

10 am

ornament1 Through the middle of March we will be have a series on Creationism and the Flood showing how science illustrates these great events

11 am

ornament1 The Sunday Morning Worship Service begins with singing of traditional hymns, Scripture reading, prayer requests and

1:30 pm on Sundays

ornament1Our Sunday Evening service begins with singing of hymns, followed by preaching. The preaching on Sunday night is often

7:30 pm on Wednesdays

ornament1 Our Wednesday bible study alternates between member homes so please call for this week’s address if you would like to join us for Bible study.